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community project

community project

 Writing a 5-10 page Report and creating a PowerPoint presentation illustrating/summarizing the report.

this is for the community of Miami Dade in Florida 



A) Description of the Community i) History

ii) Type of community: urban, suburban, rural
II) PhysicalEnvironmentalConsiderations:TheCommunity As a Place

A) Description: general identifying data 

i) Location

ii) Topographical features

 iii) Climate

  1. B)  Boundaries, area in square miles
  2. C)  Environment
    1. i)  Sanitation: water supply, sewage, garbage, trash
    2. ii)  Pollutants, toxic substances, animal reservoirs or vectors, flora and fauna
    3. iii)  Air quality: color, odor, particulates
    4. iv)  Food supply: sources, preparation
    5. v)  Potential disaster in the population
    6. vi)  Extent of disaster preparation in the population
  3. D)  Housing
    1. i)  Types of housing (public and private)
    2. ii)  Condition of housing
    3. iii)  Percent owned, rented
    4. iv)  Housing for special populations
      (a) Near homeless (b) Homeless
      (c) Frail elders
  4. E)  Leading industries and occupations

III) ThePeopleoftheCommunity



Population profile

  1. i)  Total population for _________(year of last census)
  2. ii)  Population density
  3. iii)  Population changes in past 10 years
  4. iv)  Population per square miles
  5. v)  Mobility
  6. vi)  Types of Families

Biological Considerations/Vital and demographic population characteristics

  1. i)  Age composition
  2. ii)  Sex distribution
  3. iii)  Race distribution
  4. iv)  Ethnic group composition and distribution
  5. v)  Mortality Characteristics
    (a) Annual Birth and crude death rates (b) Age-specific death rate
    (c) Infant mortality rate
    (d) Maternal mortality rate
  6. vi)  Cause-specific death rate (specific health area)
  7. vii)  Leading causes of morbidity
    (a) Incidence rates (specific diseases) (b) Prevalence rates (specific diseases)

C) Psychological Considerations

  1. i)  Significant historical events
  2. ii)  Future economic prospects
  3. iii)  Formal and Informal Communication Network
  4. iv)  Rates of Suicide and Homicides for specific subgroups within the population
  5. v)  Adequacy of protective services
  6. vi)  Common sources of Stress (e.g. unemployment , lack of affordable housing)
  7. D)  Sociocultural Considerations: The Community As a Social System
    1. i)  Socioeconomic status
      (a) Income of family
      (b) Major occupations
      (c) Estimated level of unemployment (d) Percent below poverty level
      (e) People retired
    2. ii)  Educational level
      (a) Religious distribution
      (b) Marriage and divorce rates (c) Language
  8. E)  Government and Leadership
    1. i)  Type of government (mayor, city manager, board of commissioners)
    2. ii)  City offices (location, hours, services, access)
  9. F)  Education
    1. i)  Public educational facilities
    2. ii)  Private educational facilities
    3. iii)  Libraries
    4. iv)  Services for special populations
      (a) Pregnant teens
      (b) Adults with special problems
      (c) Children and adults who are developmentally disabled (d) Children and adults who are blind and/or deaf
  10. G)  Transportation
  11. H)  Behavioral Considerations
    1. i)  Consumption patterns (general nutritional level of the population)
    2. ii)  Leisure pursuit
    3. iii) Other health-related behaviors (e.g. frequency of seat belt use)

I) Health System Considerations

  1. i)  Identify existing services
  2. ii)  Assessing current level of performance
  3. iii)  Availability and accessibility of specific types of health care services
  4. iv)  Health needs lacking services
  5. v)  Extent to which health care services are overused and underused
  6. vi)  Financing of health care

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